the life of a flower…

its short presence, though limited time still it graces us with its scents… its fragility as mortal as humans own… a lesson and a reminder, in each mind wanders never ceasing teaching humility to kinder and wiser little petals of minutes dropping off to nothing, decaying till stench is distracting… a will embedding with strength built internal survival instincts… and all this is for what? for a life of a flower we are but not….?


life of a flower

improv dancing to sounds and responses of the audiences…

Butoh… for me and you?

Butoh... for me and you?

yes, its a strange kind of art for some, uncomfortable for many. I find it strangely fascinating and intriguing because it dwells with such honesty of oneself and expressed with such simplicity once its found its place in our mind, to be complete free…. if used properly that is.

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How many fresh pages have I started throughout my life? many?

blogs… documents.. scripts… some even forgotten. slipped conveniently away, under the covers, covered by dust…

into time, the sands buried beneath it… is still a soft thud, the beating pulsating words that drives my brain into a one way conversation with the screen of this computer…

feeding the lines, encrypted fantasy that the world will read my self existence into a wonderful, colorful, vibrant world of animated sight, senses and smell..

I want to share my existence… like air

on this pages I will begin a new journey of faith… in the realms of emptiness, secrets, mind, reality… and truth.

Platform 2 & 3/4 is born… and the work has begun